About Us

Founded in 2013, Metro Malayalam is a bilingual monthly tabloid with High quality, People centric content for all age groups. With circulation in the areas of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, New Castle, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Our Mission is

To bridge the gap between the migrant Malayalee population and their homeland lifestyle, by imbibing Indianness and upkeep their values and identity while living the Australian way of life.

Why partner with us

The evolution of Metro Malayalam today is the outcome of a very strong headed community. Partnering with us would not only give you a support system powered by a well-educated, politically and socially engaged community, but also help you build your business in direct and indirect forms across a well targeted audience. With an experience of 3.5 years, a purpose driven & networked team and a strong community back-up, we share the responsibility of promoting Australian multi- cultural ministry activities and organise socially- politically relevant events and platforms engaging the entire community.